Accidents, Illness and Medication

The school maintains a First Aid Room solely to provide First Aid treatment. In the event of serious accident or illness, parents/caregivers will be called and if necessary the child will be taken to the Emergency Department at Hawera Hospital.

Parents of students requiring medication administered during school hours should contact the office. All medication will be administered from the school office.  Students with regular daily mediaction, e.g inhalers to be stored at the office will require a Health Form to be completed -  these may be obtained from the office.



Students are expected to attend school every day of the school year. If they are sick or absent, please notify the school by telephoning the office and leaving a message on the answer phone before 9.00am each day. Warning in advance of any appointments or absences during school time should be given to the classroom teacher. The school will notify parents / caregivers daily for all unnotified absences by text messaging, followed by a telephone call, if necessary.

If a student is absent for 3 days or more a Medical Certificate will be required.


Bicycles and Scooters

Students who ride to school are expected to know and obey the Road Code. The wearing of helmets is compulsory. The school has covered stands. Bikes and scooters will be locked in the bike shed to ensure safety.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of our school. It has a formal monthly meeting on the third Monday of each month. Dates are published in the Newsletter. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend these meetings.


Bus Transport

Students travelling by bus are asked to sign a Code of Conduct which outlines expectations for conduct on buses.


Café Refuel (Open from Wednesday to Friday)

A wide range of healthy foods are available from our Café. Orders for school lunches are taken daily at morning interval and collected at lunch time.


Cell Phones

We ask that students do not bring cell phones to school! They provide an unnecessary distraction to students and are not required for normal classroom activities. Should students really need to bring them to school, they are to be handed in to the office for safe keeping. School takes no responsibility for loss of or damage to cell phones that are not handed in.


Choices Programme   
Our school-wide behaviour management system is outlined in detail in the ’Choices’ booklet which your child will bring home and share with you for homework in week one.


Collecting Children

Parents who wish to collect their children during the school day are asked to report to the office. Your child will be then contacted and will meet you there. Students need to sign out in the book at the office before leaving the school. This is for the protection of all students in our school.


Dental Clinic

Dental care is provided at Hawera Hospital, please contact the dental therapists directly with any concerns or questions on  06 278 9882.


Music Tuition

Our local Pipe band offers the opportunity to learn the bagpipes and takes lessons at school. Students can audition for the school band. Choir and Glee club run during the year as time permitts. There are a range of local music tutors who can provide private lessons (there is a cost for this).



A Newsletter is sent home every 2nd Wednesday. Notices are sent home periodically from classroom teachers, sports coaches and specialist teachers. It is the responsibility of students to ensure all parents /caregivers receive this valuable form of communication. The Newsletter is also available on or can be delivered by email. Arrange this by contacting the office.


Parent Enquiries

Parents are welcome to visit the school to discuss curriculum or welfare at any time. Appointments can be made through the school office to meet with teachers (in the first instance), Deputy Principals or the Principal. All visitors must report to the school office, fill in the visitors book and pick up a ‘visitors’ identification badge.


Parent Teacher Association

We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic group of parents who lead a programme of parent support for the school. This involves fundraising to support classroom programmes and sports uniform care and cleaning. New parent participation is welcomed. Meeting dates are in the school newsletter.


Personal Achievement Record

This programme provides students with positive rewards for participating in the academic, sporting, service and cultural achievement programme. Details are outlined in the ‘Choices’ booklet.


School Camps and Field Trips

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) is part of the curriculum for all students. In addition to the school camps, classes may run curriculum based field trips throughout the year. On your enrolement form generic permission for local trips is included, for example: the library, water tower or parks. Permission slips will be issued for any trips out of town or with a cost.


School Hours

School hours are 8.30am – 3.05pm.

Classrooms are open from 8.20am.

Interval is  10.50 – 11.20a.m.

Lunch is  12.50 – 1.30pm.


School Office

Office hours are 8.00am – 4.00pm.

All general enquiries, appointments with the Principal, communications with the staff or students, must be made through the school office.


Student Stationery

A basic stationery list is included at the front of this booklet. Students are expected to bring these items on the first day of school. Classroom teachers may request specific additional items. This will be communicated through student diaries.


Support Services

Our school is assisted by support from visiting or schoolbased specialists such as the Health Nurse, Police Youth Aid Officer, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour, Group Special Education, Social Worker in school and Taranaki Health Care services. They assist the school and home to meet student needs. Please contact the school if they consider any of these people may be of help to their children.


Telephone Calls

Telephone messages may be left with the school office. A foyer phone is available for students to use, only in an emergency.They must ask for permission at the office to use the phone.

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