You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.
- Julia Child

                                         Food Technology

The Food Technology programme introduces students to the three technology strands through learning about food. These include Technological Practice; Technological Knowledge; and the Nature of Technology. Year 7 and 8 achievement expectations are students will work at the beginning of and at level 4 respectively of the New Zealand Curriculum.


Students participate in learning activities that develop practical cooking skills and use the technology process to develop a range of food products. They will learn cooking techniques and processes to make a variety of foods including snacks, meals and an assortment of baked products. Assessment is based on particular aspects of the Technology strands and includes student and teacher evaluation of their work.


Students’ prior knowledge and interests are considered at the outset of the programme. They are able to choose their own ingredients through developing their individual food products. Students routinely evaluate their progress and provide feedback on the programme.