Room 6  Class of  2020

Jill Trigg

Hello all, I'm Jill Trigg, and I teach in Room 6.

Our Student Councillors are Anastazja Kowal and Taene Nelley and our Waihi Whanau Leaders are Raine Tapiki-Higson and Shawntay Kane.

Our year has started really well with all students diving straight into their learning about who they are through the writing and presentation of their pepeha. We are also measuring and timing ourselves, for the purpose of putting our information into a time capsule. At the end of the year we will open it up and see how much we have grown and changed over the year.

We have also had a couple of additions to the class (who actually arrived in the post!) namely our axolotls. We have named them Valentine and Clementine, although we're not sure yet whether they are boys or girls. We look forward to keeping you informed about our learning throughout the year.

Valentine and Clemintine Artist: Jezzhara Churchill

Room 6


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