"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep".
Scott Adams

                                        Visual Arts


Visual Arts is structured around the following four interrelated strands: 

·      Understanding the Arts in context

·      Developing Practical Knowledge

·      Developing Ideas

·      Communicating and Interpreting

Each strand has its own achievement objective specific to the level. Year 7 students work at the beginning of level 4, and Year 8 students at level 4 of the New Zealand Curriculum.


The Visual Arts programme is designed to introduce students to a variety of artworks by Māori, Pakeha, Pacific Island and established International Art practitioners. Students have the opportunity to share their responses to the works they view thus generating multiple meanings. Inspired by the ideas of established artists and ‘how they do it’, students will learn to use a range of equipment, materials, media, compositional devices and techniques to express and communicate their own ideas both 2 dimensionally and 3 dimensionally. Key Competencies underpin the structure of lessons.


Subject matter varies from term to term. Students are expected to be well organised and work hard to achieve finished work of their best standard. 

They will record their learning and evaluate their work. 

Assessment is based on selected Visual Art strands and includes practical and written work.


Throughout the term students engage with a combination of the following Art disciplines:  painting, printmaking and sculpture (3D clay work). Drawing and design are embedded in each of these disciplines.

Kariann Michalski-Treanor will be teaching Year 8's this term for the following Rooms: 10, 5, 2, 7, 6, and 11.  The focus of the term will be around generating two major art pieces.  The first is a clay object where students have the option of designing a clay relief tile, a functional clay object, or a 3D animal sculpture.  The second art piece will be a printmaking project using lino tiles to carve images from.  Both pieces are based around the concept of Turangawaewae "Where I Stand."  This theme will give students the ability to examine their own culture and also some famous artworks by NZ artists.  By looking at other art works and one's heritage, students come up with their own original pieces.  The work created is intended to be personal to each and every student, demonstrating their own story in a visual form.

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