Digital Technology

"In the digital world, a lot has changed. Our everyday lives are now shaped by smartphones and social media, and ideas like artificial intelligence and self-driving cars are moving rapidly from the realm of science fiction into reality. In the future, our learners will use, create and develop these technologies - and others which are yet to be invented. We have an opportunity to help our learners be innovators and inventors in this future."

The New Zealand Digital Curriculum 2017

Digital Technology at Hawera Intermediate is about moving the students from a consumer of digital technologies to a creator of digital technologies. It is essentially about the process and not the product. 

Students will cover a broad range of topics including the problem solving process utilising ICT skills such as computer programming. They will inquire into digital outcomes and electrical circuits using invention and innovation electronic kits while in the process understanding that all computers fundamentally work within 4 states (input, storage, processing and output).