Room 12

Class of  2021


Steven Yelseth


Kia Ora, I am Mr Yelseth, the Teacher from Room 12 where I am ably assisted by

Whaea Dané our the Learning Assistant.

Our Student Councillors are the very capable Cameron and George

who show maturity and dedication to their jobs.


In Room 12, we follow our school's KAURI values and our Class Treaty statement which is:

Respect our learning and the learning of others by staying focused and on task.


We are continuously learning to show respect for ourselves, others and our community by ensuring that our words and actions mirror one another in their positivity.

Building a whanau-like atmosphere, in which each student is accepted for themselves, and is able to be successful, is our goal this year.


Although students work collaboratively, they are encouraged to show independence, set goals and

self-manage themselves in order to set themselves up for success in life.