Room 12 Class of 2020

Steven Yelseth

                                 My name is Steven Yelseth, I am teaching in Room 12 this year

with assistance from our Student Councillors, Julia Scott and Elliot Wills

and our Waihi Whanau Leaders are Elizabeth Cudby and Lynton Turner.

Our focus is to become "Sustainable Superheroes" in everything we do by making the correct choices daily with our schoolwork, friends and environment. We believe success comes from the small things we do well consistently, from persevering and supporting each other. We believe in sharing our successes and are working on building a caring, supportive class which celebrates everyone.


This year our class treaty is "Share to show that you care - make it a must do, not a can do!"


Hawera Intermediate School,

245 South Road Hawera, 4610

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