Bring Your Own Device Programme (BYOD)

and the Responsible Use Contract


Hawera Intermediate School offers families the option for students to bring their personal electronic devices to school. Please note that this does not include the use of Smartphones.


Students will use the device as a tool to engage and support their learning. In partnership with Noel Leeming Hawera, we have put together an excellent package at the best possible price for the school. Please contact Noel Leeming directly for the lasted educational prices.


The Responsible Use Contract is handed out to all students for parents and the student to complete together.

When the contract is completed students will then be free to use either the school's electronic devices or their own personal one. 


Our vision is:


" To provide students safe access to the digital environment. We aim to equip our students with the foundation skills, knowledge and abilities required to interact with a range of technological tools. This will allow them to meet the digital demands and continual changes they will face as emerging members of our society. As a school, we recognise that the use of devices in a classroom is a powerful tool for engaging and motivating our students. Our vision is to see digital technologies integrated across the curriculum as a tool to share, communicate, collaborate and improve learning by providing a valuable link between home and school. "



Please note it is not compulsory to have a device as per the Education Act 2013. As a school we will ensure all students have access to technology in their classroom. Should any parents have any questions or would like more information please contact the school.