Stationery List


2022 Stationery list (click to download)



This is a basic essential stationery list. Students are expected to bring these items to school with them on the first day of school. It is also expected that you review this list throughout the year and make sure that your child always has what they need to maximise their learning.


6 x 1B5 exercise books 


1 x 1E8 Maths book


2 x blue pens  


2 x red pens  


2 x HB pencils  


1 x eraser  


1 x 300mm plastic ruler (not the flexi-ruler)  


1 x glue stick  


1 x pencil sharpener

1 x calculator  


1 pack of coloured pencils or Jovies  



Students do not require felts, vivids or twink as these are

not used at Hawera Intermediate.







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